Pacific Rim 2 Release Date

Pacific Rim 2 release date

Pacific Rim 2 release date has been officially announced. The details are given below.

In 2013, the screen will display the first part of the epic sci-fi franchise. The movie does not leave anyone indifferent: many have noticed colorful special effects, and someone cheered professional actors play the original story. In addition, the "Pacific Rim" has received enough critical reviews.
Pacific Rim: Maelstrom premiere will happen only in 2017, but the good news that the director will be also Guillermo del Toro. The actors included into the cast still will be still Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman.

Pacific Rim 2 release date has been officially announced

Despite the severe critics, the world gathering in theaters the film’s budget paid for slightly less than 2 times. The famous director Guillermo del Toro says that vengeance is now hard at work on a new film. We already know the plot of the new film will be the sequel that is a continuation, not a prequel (prehistory). In the Pacific Rim 2 back many of the actors from the first part, including Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi. The director with screenwriter Zak Penn worked through the story a few months and, of course, it turned out stunning.
According to the preliminary information, the film is expected by August 4, 2017, but this date may change more than once because the period is large enough to talk about any specific numbers.

Pacific Rim 2 release date has been announced for August 4, 2017.
For now there is no information about Pacific Rim 2 release date on Bluray and DVD. However, there are some rumors that it will be in Q4 of 2017.
While waiting, you can re-watch Pacific Rim movie trailer 3:

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