Mute (2017)

Science fiction is one the most popular and emerging genres of modern cinema. Various studios annually produce many movies in this format, many of which have become leaders and are remembered by viewers for a long time. The same story developed the creators of the film Mute, which is scheduled for 2017, hoping that their product will be not less interesting than all the previous stories about the near future. Yes, the film will be described in exactly the future, not distant and unattainable, and quite palpable. The authors do not focus on the surreal idea, probably, the movie will be very close to real life, and this is one of the main reasons to watch it and estimate one of the possible ways of development of society.

Production Info

Mute (2017) Poster
The director and one of the scriptwriters of Mute is Duncan Jones, an English filmmaker and writer, who was helped by two authors: Michael Robert Johnson and Damon Peoples. They are were developing the plot and working with the cast for the film to be as realistic as possible.
Producers of the film responsible for the presenting of its release date and establishing the connection with mass media are such people as:

  • Charles J.D. Schlissel;
  • Stuart Fenegan;
  • Henning Mol fenter;
  • Charlie Woebcken;
  • Christoph Fisser.

The network distributing the cinema on TV is Netflix, a well-known American network. The company producing the movie is Liberty Films UK.

Plot Peculiarities

Mute (2017) Spoiler
All the events of an upcoming film take place in the European Berlin forty years from today. The German capital is full of immigrants from the East, and the people flooding it feel their own power and resolve to oppose the West. The main character of the picture is Leo Beiler (played by a Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård). His character is a mute bartender, who has his own foundation to stay in the city which has already become occupied. Leo meets a couple of civilians, the Americans Bill and Duck (actors Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux). They together will survive among the aggressive crowd and go through a series of tests, which the city conquered by immigrants prepared for them.

Soon Release

The future cinema is set for 2017, and there is still no exact information concerning its air date. The producers promoting the movie promise that Mute will be soon released online and will have a limited time of presenting in cinemas. Whether the film will have a large number of positive feedbacks or not it will be known in the nearest future.


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