Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

We can recall many examples of adaptation of detective novels. Some were successful and memorable, some were not so. And now for 2017 is scheduled to be released a new mystical film Murder on the Orient Express, based on the novel by the great Agatha Christie. Perhaps the creators of the film have decided to undertake this project with the aim not only to update the story of Christie’s, but also add to it something new, develop the story and provide viewers an innovative approach to shooting and new director’s ideas. If all this can be realized, then the upcoming premiere, release date of which is scheduled for November 22, 2017, will be a perfect gift for fans of high-quality detective story with elements of mysticism.

Authors Crew

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Promo
The director of Murder on the Orient Express, who used Agatha Christie’s novel as the basis of the script is Kenneth Branagh, an actor and filmmaker from Northern Ireland, who also plays one of the main roles in the cinema. His main colleague in writing the script is Michael Green, an American writer.
The task of developing the upcoming movie in mass media and presenting all its main news is entrusted to producers, and among them are worth mentioning the following ones:

  • Mark Gordon;
  • Ridley Scott;
  • Simon Kinberg;
  • Hilary Strong;
  • James Prichard;
  • Judy Hofflund;
  • Michael Schaeffer.

There are a few companies producing the cinema, but the most well-known also responsible for the distributing of the film is the worldwide popular 20th Century Fox.

About the Movie

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Cast
Perhaps everyone today knows the name of Hercule Poirot, a brilliant Belgian investigator and the main character of Christie’s novels. In the film Murder on the Orient Express the action takes place in a train where one of its passengers is mysteriously killed. A famous detective will have to determine which of the remaining people on the train is to be blamed for this death, but it certainly is not so simple. The problem is that as moving towards the goal Poirot realizes that absolutely all the passengers had reason to kill this man. If the detective finds the killer or not the audience eagerly waiting for the premiere of the film will find out very soon.
The vivid cast of the cinema includes such well-known actors as:

  • Johnny Depp;
  • Kenneth Branagh;
  • Michelle Pfeiffer;
  • Willem Dafoe;
  • Penélope Cruz;
  • Daisy Ridley and many others.

One can see that the film is full of star actors, which only increases the viewers’ interest to the movie.

Release Date and Rating of Expectations

The air date of the cinema is set for November 22, 2017. This date is finale, and everything which is remained to the public is just waiting for the film hoping that its plot will be as interesting as its description. Stay tuned not to miss any possible information about the changes in the schedule and not to forget about an upcoming debut.


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