Manhunt (2017)

More and more often in the world appear worthy films not only by western but also eastern production. Vey soon it will be presented a new China-Hong Kong movie called Manhunt, an interesting and exciting action film directed by a famous John Woo. In this story the audience will see a lot of interesting events, a lot of dynamics and good acting with a carefully selected cast. As for the release date of this picture, the authors have not yet submitted formal terms, but it is already known that the film will be exactly in 2017. If it will be so or not, we will know very soon, and now the public is waiting for the premiere and believes that Manhunt will be able to compete with other Hollywood blockbusters.

Authors and Developers

The plot of Manhunt is developed and created by John Woo, a worldwide known filmmaker famous for his work in Hollywood. But the story doesn’t belong to Woo, as he borrowed the idea from Jukô Nishimura’s book having the same name.
Manhunt (2017) Promo
The producers of the film responsible for the presenting of all the news about the movie and working for the picture to be presented as soon as possible are such professionals as Peter Lam and Gordon Chan.
The main companies producing the movie and developing its filming are Media Asia Films and Media Asia Group.

About the Film

In an upcoming film the protagonist is a prosecutor for a long time working in judicial sphere and clearly performing his duties. But suddenly everything in his life changes dramatically, and in a negative direction. He is blamed for serious crimes, and he faces a very severe punishment. But the problem is the prosecutor did not commit all these crimes, and now he has to prove his innocence before the court. The picture will have a lot of interesting scenes are actively developing and twisted storyline, so the public may be able to appreciate the director’s and actors’ work.
The people taking part in Manhunt and plating main roles in the film are the following ones:

  • Zhang Hanyu;
  • Tao Okamoto;
  • Stephy Qi;
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi;
  • Jun Kunimura;
  • Masaharu Fukuyama;
  • Nanami Sakuraba and others.

Soon Air Date and Viewers’ Interest

The viewers around the world are waiting for the air date of Manhunt to be announced in the nearest future. Neither the producers nor the creators themselves have given any official data concerning the perms of the premiere, but this is likely to happen soon, as the premiere is scheduled for 2017. Stay tuned not to forget about this movie and receive various interesting details about its filming and release date.


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