Lucy 2 Release Date

Lucy 2 release date

Lucy 2 release date has been officially confirmed. The sequel to the movie with ScarJo will definitely happen.

In 2014, viewers around the world saw the fantasy thriller with beauty Scarlett Johansson named as Lucy. The story is about a simple and sexy blonde woman whose life changed in an instant after some dramatic events. We should expect for Lucy 2 premiere where the story will develop.

The plot of Lucy movie:

Lucy becomes one of the most dangerous and deadly creatures on the planet. None could assume a person is to use the brain at 100%, in wrong hands a person can become a real monster. The best minds in the world believed that such thing can only be possible in fairy tales and movies until they face Lucy.
Recently it was reported that the sequel will be produced. Luc Besson (director of the first movie) is seriously interested in the sequel.
And this is despite the fact that it was originally the second part of the movie did not go. But this is not surprising, because, with a budget of 40 million US dollars, the movie grossed more than 458 million dollars.

Lucy 2 release date has been officially confirmed

It remains only to get the response from Scarlett Johansson. The creators of the project have not yet convinced the actress to agree for the participation in the sequel.
For now Lucy 2 release date has been scheduled for the end 2017. There are possible changes in release date – it can be transferred to 2018.
Lucy 2 release date on Bluray and DVD should be expected somewhere in 2018.
For now watch Lucy movie trailer 2:

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