Logan Lucky (2017)

Films about robberies and carefully planned crimes have always caused great excitement among the audience, because the public likes to watch how citizens with a brilliant mind and well-developed skills steal the state property. But if this movie is turned into a comedy, the fans will accept the project with even greater interest. Such an idea is going to be realized by the team filmmakers from the US who in this year 2017 will present the film Logan Lucky. This project will clearly become popular, and cinemagoers will exactly appreciate the humor of this picture and excellent directing idea. In addition, the creators of the movie have got a large scope for the realization of the idea, because the cinema is not simply about the crime, all will be shown in a comical manner, and this greatly simplifies the task and at the same time increases the interest of the audience.

Production Info

The leading person directing the story is Steven Soderbergh, a filmmaker from the US, and his main colleague in writing the script is Rebecca Blunt. These two people have created the idea of Logan Lucky.
Logan Lucky (2017) Poster
The people who in their turn are responsible for the developing of the movie in mass media and working with the cast are producers, whose role in the cinema is also very important. The ones who are worth mentioning are such as:

  • Gregory Jacobs;
  • Michael Polaire;
  • Matt Summers;
  • Reid Carolin;
  • Zane Stoddard;
  • Mark Johnson.

The companies producing the film which is to be released soon are FilmNation Entertainment and one more a bit less popular Trans-Radial Pictures.

Plot Review

An unusual idea comes to mind to the two brothers: they’re going to make a grand robbery, but to do it not just at night but during the largest race car of the series NASCAR. Such a plan can probably be regarded as interesting, if not for one thing: the audience knows that the upcoming film will be a comedy, which means that not all the characters’ work will be successful, and the public is ready for a lot of awkward moments, humor and situations from which the brothers would be extremely inconvenient to get out.
Logan Lucky (2017) Promo
The main cast of the cinema includes such star actors as:

  • Daniel Craig;
  • Katie Holmes;
  • Channing Tatum;
  • Seth McFarlane;
  • Adam Driver;
  • Sebastian Stan;
  • Hilary Swank and others.

Rating of Expectations of Future Premiere

One of the interesting details of the film is as follows: some media once reported that of the characters was to be presented by a well-known matt Damon, but information turned to be false. Anyway, the cast of Logan Lucky is still brilliant, and the audience is waiting for the premiere with interest. It’s still unknown when exactly the movie will debut, but this will certainly happen this year, so there is not too much time to wait.



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