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Indiana Jones is a great film and while watching it you will be satisfied almost. Pay attention, that you wouldn’t be dull because it is full of unexpected moments. Here among the genres, it is important to name thriller and adventures. The premiere of the film will be on 18th of July in the year of 2019.


Here the cast of Actors is very small, so we must underline the only man, who plays the Main role. His name is Harrison Ford and you will have a great delight while watching his play.

The director of the film is Steven Spielberg. The producers are Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg. The scriptwriters are David Koepp, Philip Kaufman, George Lucas. And the composer is John Williams.


Here in the center of attention you will see a great adventurer and a searcher for the luxurious things by the name of Indiana Jones. In the new film, he decided to return to the searching of the adventures, because he thinks that life is too dull without it.

His destiny put him to the different place – he already came to Peru, India, and Egypt. On his way, he has a lot of trials, which he must pass to get the special things in his hands. He never wanted to live the life calmly and just to be on the stream.

In the new part of the film, the audience wouldn’t see the hero Indiana in the home atmosphere. Here this unbelievable adventurer and archeologist will come to the territory of Bermuda triangle where he hopes to find the greatest mystery and lots of magical things.

By the old tradition of Indiana Jones, this hero must have a battle with the cruel and bloodthirsty people, who have their own plans on the mysteries and special things, which Indiana wanted to find.

With the help of Indiana, these people have the aim to become rich and famous. Here, in the new part of Indiana, you will see the dangerous world of adventures and new and unforgettable emotions.

The usurp plot will present you an opportunity to follow the most unforgettable adventures, which will appear in the head of the viewers for a long period of time. How will Indiana struggle with the enemies and how the enemies will behave themselves this time? Will he escape from the situation scot-free?

The great danger will be in this film, but Indiana Jones wouldn’t give up and he will struggle all the time. Brave friends will be the lives savers in different situations.


This film will be full of tense situations, so it will be a great idea for leisure time spending when you will have it.

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