Hellboy 3

Hellboy is a unique and quite entertaining horror franchise with its own group of admirers. It has been already five years since the last chapter of the series was released, and the fans are hungry for more. So when will we have the opportunity to watch the third part of this popular movie series? Let us see below.

Hellboy and its production

The original Hellboy movie was out in 2004, over a decade ago. It immediately won the hearts of horror lovers. Unlike most other cases, Guillermo Del Toro (the director) decided to make a sequel. Which was the right thing to do, considering that many fans were cheering for it. It resulted in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army being released four years later.
The second part was different from the first Hellboy movie. Its ending didn’t resolve the story, but, on the contrary, prompted even more discussions about the plot. This made the critics and fans speculate about the possibility of Hellboy 3, another chapter in the franchise. Del Toro wasn’t planning to make a sequel in the first place, and he may not have considered it later. We can guess that the movie’s plot has taken over, and we may only speculate what awaits us in the upcoming sequel.
Hellboy 3

Hellboy 3 rumors

The final plans on continuing the franchise were not revealed to the public for a long time. We are still waiting for the official announcement. Still, Ron Perelman, the series’ producer, believes that Hellboy must continue. At the time he gave an interview, he didn’t mention what Guillermo Del Toro thinks about all this. The fate of Hellboy 3 would’ve been unknown still, had the leading actor not signed the contract with the production crew.
Hellboy 3

Hellboy 3 — the release date

The new Hellboy movie is rumored to be out in November 2016. Its leading team will likely be the same. We cannot tell you anything about the story yet. It’s not hard to believe it’s going to be entertaining as always, but somehow unpredictable; we also hope that it will provide answers to some questions we’ve been asking since Hellboy 2.
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Update: Hellboy 3 Release

Finally, we have the pleasure of bringing you good news. At least, we hope it is any good. No, we cannot offer you the release date just yet, sorry about that. What can offer you is the year.
The third season of Hellboy is due to come out 2017, or so most experts seem to believe. In fact, that date is rather believable and makes a perfect amount of sense.
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