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BYOB fast facts

The project is developed by Dallas Santana, producer and Kenji Claudio, writer and producer, started in 2015. It is a TV-Series, each episode is around 30 minutes telling about the life on the Orange County, California. Heroes acting in the series are those who have found their sense of life on this part of the under-the-sun paradise near the ocean: models, surfers, surfboards master shapers, beach lifeguards, fashion designers and others.

BYOB surfing cinema stars

People who are acting in BYOB are sport-fans and know their business. One of the stars is Nikki Viesins, a Junior champion of surfing, US. She is presenting her road of becoming a winner in surfing and how this activity makes her life that worth living. Meet Sean, a surfing coach and founder of surfboards manufacture firm Von Sol. You will see creators of brand-new surfboards style, like Hamboards by Pete, stylish chick stick surfboards for girls by Lola Jade and Cordell Surfboards by its founder Cordell Miller. Among these stars here is Olga Safari, a stunning model and surfing-fan.

The authors of Bring Your Own Board

Dallas Santana is a fortunate producer and film maker, specializing in life-style videos and sport reality-TV programs. Along with his partner Kenji Claudio, a really professional director and executive producer, he could create a true-to-life TV-series about an amazing life on the sea shore.

Discover the spirit of BYOB

The main heroes are meeting on the beach in the Orange County, CA in America. They are doing surfing or other sports and purchasing their dream of happiness on this part of heaven. And it is not that easy that you can imagine.

The idea of BYOB is to bring together all surfing-fans to chase after the people who sacrificed their lives to this sport. It is possible to watch already second season online, on phones and on the TV.

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