Blade Runner 2049

The appearance on the screens of the sequel of a popular movie Blade Runner is great news for fans of science fiction and all those who love Ryan Gosling, as in fact he will be the main character of an upcoming picture Blade Runner 2049. All the events in a new film take place 30 years after the first part of the movie, and viewers will see new adventure and fight the same way as before. The continuation of a popular project is being looked forward by millions of viewers, and it’s exactly known an official release date: Blade Runner 2049 will air on October 5, 2017. This date is a point which is being impatiently awaited by the audience, which is eager to know whether the sequel will be as interesting as the previous story and what surprise will bring an upcoming cinema.

Authors and Developers

The director of the film is Denis Villeneuve, a filmmaker and writer born in Canada. In the process of writing the story for the movie Villeneuve s helped by two screenwriters making the story interesting for viewers. These people are Michael Green and Hampton Fancher.
Blade Runner 2049 date release

The developers of Blade Runner 2049 producers, working for the film to be popular among the public and get recognition even before the project’s premiere. This crew includes the following personalities:

  • Broderick Johnson;
  • Bud Yorkin;
  • Andrew A. Kosove;
  • Dana Belcastro;
  • Cynthia Yorkin;
  • Ridley Scott and others.

The main distributor of the movie in the US is Warner Bros. Pictures, an outstanding film production studio; not less famous Columbia Pictures is going to distribute Blade Runner 2049 in the world.
Blade Runner 2049

Brief Review

As it has already been mentioned, the events of an upcoming film take place 30 years after the first part of the story. A new character here is an officer K, another blade runner. By chance he discovers a terrible secret, and this information is so confidential that its consequences could jeopardize all the rest of society. Trying tofind some decision the officer finds the trail of a former blade runner Rick Deckard, who has been missing for more than 30 years ago, but who may be able to help in solving the existing problems. The film full of motion and dynamics is what real fans of action movies want to see, and pretty soon this picture will appear on the screens of the world.

The main cast of Blade Runner 2049 consists of Hollywood stars, and they are worth mentioning:
Blade Runner 2049

  • Ryan Gosling, playing the role of Officer K;
  • Harrison Ford, presenting Rick Deckard;
  • Ana de Armas, whose heroine is Joi;
  • Edward James Olmos, acting as Gaff, and others.

Possible Rating and Upcoming Premiere

The premiere of the cinema is scheduled for October 5, 2017, and everything which is remained for the public now is just waiting for the release with impatience. The previous part of Blaze Runner gained a number of positive feedbacks, so an upcoming story may also be appreciated by the audience. Stay tuned not to forget about the release and know all the facts presented by the authors.

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