Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys for Life Release Date


Bad Boys for Life is an unforgettable film, in which a lot of talented people will occur. It will amaze you by such of the genres – thriller and comedy. They are combined, so the film will be really Interesting. The premiere of the film will be on the 12th of January in the year of 2018.


The Main cast of Actors is really great and you will be surprised of it when we will present it:

  • Will Smith.
  • Martin Lawrence.
  • Derrick Gilbert.

The director of the film is Joe Carnahan and the producer is Jeremy Bruckheimer. The scriptwriters Joe Carnahan, David Guggenheim, Anthony Tambakis, George Gallo.


The two parts of the new film appeared more than 10 years ago and a lot of them are very Interesting for the people by the greatest play of two talented and experienced Actors, as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The director of it is also a very talented man and the other Actors will amaze you at all. Mike and Marcus are the two Main heroes and they work together for a long time. They started to be together from the time when they work in the Miami police department.

These men work a lot and they even don’t remember, when they have the vacation. Now they must work under the most complicated deals, which are committed in our cruel world.

Of course, not every deal is made by them in a brilliant way – they have a lot of complications as the results of which their boss wanted to punish him as is they are the students of the police academy. They didn’t like it, so the time of great changes is coming.

The menswear each other, that they wouldn’t make the mistakes like this, because they think, that they are so confident in their power and everything in their lives must come to the highest level. They believe, that even the most complicated deal can be easily solved. But there is a little wish and they think, that they will have a lot of problems on their work. The Main heroes didn’t give up and they just play in dangerous games with the criminals.

In the new part of the film, they will realize, that the real world can be very dangerous. So, in order to make their dreams come true, they must use different roles of bad boys.


To understand, that each person can play different roles and be variable, you must see that film from the beginning until the end.

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