Baby Driver

The two countries, Britain and America, are working on a joint film Baby Driver, a new crime comedy that sure will be to the liking of fans of funny and exciting movies. The cinema will tell the story of one young man who has got into trouble related to robbery, and does everything possible to get out of their troubles. After the movie creators announced its official release date – August 11, 2017 – it inspired the audience which now is looking forward to the release of the picture, hoping that an upcoming movie will be as catching and exciting as it’s promised by the filmmakers.

Creators and Producers

The idea of the film belongs to Edgar Wright, a director and producer from England. He is the only author of the script of Baby Driver, so it’s possible to say about Wright’s high professional level and his creativity.
Baby Driver date release

But there is a crew which includes a few workers doing their beast for the picture to be released in time and have popularity among the audience. They are producers, and among those who are worth mentioning are such as:

  • James Biddle;
  • Nira Park;
  • Eric Fellner;
  • Michelle Wright;
  • Tim Bevan;
  • Liza Chasin;
  • Adam Merims.

The company distributing Baby Driver and presenting its air date is TriStar Pictures, an American production studio.
Baby Driver

About the Movie

A young and active person jokily named Baby earns his living by participating in robberies, acting as a driver. For the time being he is lucky and the guy gets good money. But once he gets into serious trouble after being unwittingly involved in the work on a famous and dangerous crime boss. Doing his usual work, Baby realizes that the robbery goes wrong, and the whole affair is doomed to failure. But to leave the job means having serious problems, because people, who stand behind it, are dangerous and can roughly punish a young driver. Whether the main character will get out of this difficult situation or not, it will be known soon. Among the actors forming the cast of Baby Driver, are the following ones:

  • Ansel Elgot presents Baby;
  • Jon Hamm plays the role of Buddy;
  • Jamie Foxx’s character is Bats;
  • Lily James acts as Deborah;
  • Kevin Spacey’s character is Doc;
  • Jon Bernthal presents Griff;
  • Eiza González plays the role of Darling.

Baby Driver

Soon Premiere and Expectations

The audience waiting for the premiere of Baby Driver is eager to watch the film, and they are lucky to know that the movie is scheduled for August 11, 2017. Viewers believe that the picture will be funny and interesting, and various details given by the creators only increase the public interest. Stay tuned to get interesting news regarding the film and be the first to know about possible changes in the schedule.

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